About Us

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Who We Are

We believe in a meaningful relationship with our business partners, where we help you build your business and you help us build ours. This relationship is based on our vested interest in helping you succeed. We don’t make money unless you do.

Like you, we are frustrated by an industry that identifies itself as a marketing organization but is little more than a product distribution system. Our core competencies are marketing, sales process and case design. We have the best back – office support you will ever find, but without hitting the center of the target when getting in front of clients and compelling them to act, what good is product and distribution?

We believe that marketing is not the solution but rather an investment that provides an opportunity to demonstrate sales and case design skills. With our proprietary sales process, case design and software, we get directly involved in your sales to drive the return on your marketing investment.

We believe that the most significant expense in your business is opportunity loss, not the marketing cost. We help our partners increase their case size and closure rate , and decrease the number of appointments it takes to close business. Time is money, and we help our partners make more money with fewer prospects in the least amount of time.

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Our Leadership Team

Anthony Owen

After over a decade working for a Fortune 500 insurance company as a sales manager of the region’s top team, Anthony realized that he was tired of other people deciding the outcome of his future.

Richard Hinton

I love helping my clients unlock their potential through data-informed coaching, refined sales processes, and case design that supports your client’s needs — not my own.

Paul Kendall

My why is simple: I genuinely love helping agents with my knowledge, expertise, and unique experience.