Anthony Owen

After over a decade working for a Fortune 500 insurance company as a sales manager of the region’s top team, Anthony realized that he was tired of other people deciding the outcome of his future. Getting out of his comfort zone was not new for Anthony. At age 16 he sailed across the Pacific Ocean to Lahaina, Maui, with his family to start a charter boat business. At age 19, he got his license as a Merchant Marine Officer. As a charter boat captain, he put himself through college to receive his degree in business.

Owning a business was something Anthony knew he was born to do. As a sales manager, he learned that being in the business of mentorship, coaching, and sales training was not only something he was good at but, more importantly, something he was passionate about. Becoming a success can only bring a limited amount of fulfillment. Helping others achieve success provides a lifetime of gratification.

In 2006, Anthony co-founded a life and annuity agency, Eagle Shadow Financial, LLC. This agency grew to over $500,000 in target premium and over $20 million in annual annuity production. Through strategic partnerships and the lessons he had learned from personal production, Anthony began transforming his agency into an FMO built on the core activities of success, Marketing, Sales Process, and Case Design, and an ethos guided by his faith. In 2008, the Annuity Agents Alliance started coaching independent agents. In 2009, Anthony co-founded Safe Money Radio Marketing, which not only catapulted personal production but made it possible for some of his agent partners to produce more than they ever thought possible.

Today, with his team of highly skilled marketers, Anthony Owen, President of Annuity Agents Alliance, has taken annuity leads and marketing, case design, and sales process to an entirely new level, with some agents doing over $50 million a year in issued business using his systems.

Anthony met his loving wife, Remy Owen, in 1990, and they enjoy the friendship of their two adult children, Christina and Evan, who are running Annuity Agents Alliance’s social media operations. Anthony enjoys hunting, fishing, diving, and classic sports cars.