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What We Offer

Our proven sales system, the Five-Step Sales Process, helps our partners massively increase the efficiency of their sales process, generating the most premium with the fewest number of clients in the shortest period of time.

Our sales and case design process helps our partners close large cases and maximize the premium sold in the least number of appointments.

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5 Step Sales Process

Marketing Systems

Increase your case size and closure rate. Decrease the number of appointments to close business.

Safe Money & Income Radio

Annuity agents are using radio to generate annuity leads.

Retirement Shield 360 Annuity Workshop Systems

RS 360 is a proven turnkey annuity lead generation system that connects agents and advisors with those in or approaching retirement.

Pre-Qualified Annuity Leads

Each qualified annuity lead will include a complete name, address, email, phone number, age, gender, city, state, investment money available, how much they want to invest in an annuity, and household income.

Low-Cost No-Dinner Annuity Workshops

If you have the experience and material to run your workshop and are tired of the high cost of solicitation, we can solve that problem for you.

Social Media Response & Internet Reputation Marketing

Social media and internet reputation are the required storefronts of today’s businesses. You can’t have an annuity business producing at its full potential without it.