Paul Kendall

My why is simple: I genuinely love helping agents with my knowledge, expertise, and unique experience.

I have spent more than 17 years in this industry, wholesaling Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities, Managed Money, and Alternatives. That has helped me offer my team a unique point of view to help them better serve their clients. In addition to wholesaling, I have managed and been the presenter for hundreds of client events.

I created my own workshop system, team, and process that averaged a 78% conversion rate on the first appointments scheduled due to those events. I have seen every version of prospect seminars/workshops: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I strive to help my agents become better and more professional presenters, which is a skill that works at a kitchen table or in front of 30 prospects.

My two passions outside of work are fly fishing and playing music. Born and raised in Colorado I am an avid angler, and that means that you are constantly working on presenting the lure in the most natural fashion possible. That compulsion to constantly refine my technique and never stop learning has helped me help countless agents do the same thing with their sales process and presentation skills. My passion for making music is all about collaboration. I tell my band that when we are on stage, we need to strive to be one band, not 5 individual musicians. This has helped me dramatically with case design and working with the team at Annuity Agents Alliance to serve our partners and their clients better.