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Indexed Annuity Leadership Council

The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council was formed by a group of four life insurance organizations, NAFA and producers to educate consumers about indexed annuities. The IALC is committed to providing complete and factual information about the use of indexed annuities as a part of any balanced financial plan.

This organization hosts a great Blog filled full of useful information for you to share with your clients at

Variable Annuities: Right Guarantee, Wrong Product

Bill Broich: National debt opinion, Writing internet annuity articles, Medicaid planning, TIAA-CREF annuitization options study, Annuity sales suitability, Bankers Life survey, Variable annuities (Same guaranteed lifetime income focus with the wrong product), indexed annuity case prep.

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Allianz - The Truth About Fixed Indexed Annuities

Under the leadership of Gary Bhojwani, Chairman, Allianz has been on a blitz media campaign singing the praises of our annuity products on CNBC and other television and print media sources.  In support of that effort, Allianz has also been producing some really nice client handout materials.  It's great to see a carrier take an active role in

One such handout is linked below:

The Truth About Fixed Indexed Annuities - Allianz


Your Annuity Business Plan: How Dreams Become Reality

Have you ever heard that most people spend more time planning a vacation than their retirement?

I have a new one.  Most annuity agents are not business owners and they spend more time planning a vacation than developing a marketing plan and setting goals.

Our partners hopefully don’t reflect that statement and I know for sure most of you don’t.  Here is an email I got from one of our partners today.  What you see in this email is how dreams become reality.

Hi Anthony,

Just thought I’d give you a little update on the state of our business. July was a good month (although not as good as we had hoped).  We ended up with $725k in annuity production in July. We’re currently at $2,374,926.91 YTD.   Last year our total production was only $1,431,468.06.  Our goal for 2011 has always been $5 million (we’re a little behind). One thing that’s hurting us is cancels. We’ve taken over $200k in cancels for July and over $800k in cancels for the year.

Our goal is to start  Safe Money Radio sometime in the fall. Our cash reserves (approximately $16k) are getting better, but still not to where we feel comfortable making the move. We’re currently on auto-pay for annuity leads from; we also commit to 20 Pre-Qualified Annuity Leads per month. Of course we also have miscellaneous expenses and are in the process of adding health insurance. We’d like to maintain our current marketing while adding Safe Money Radio.  Our goal is to have 3 to 4 months of expenses in cash reserve. Once are on the air, I really see 2012 as being a blow-out year for us.

By the way, you sell big you lose big.  In July We had over $800K in cancels.  $400K from Bret Roby and $400K from Chad Owen.  When Bret got back from his mission trip in Africa he immediately went out and wrote a $200K case and when Chad got back from his vacation in Florida he wrote a $200K case the next day during a policy delivery. The $56K in chargebacks have already been covered by other issuing business.  When you get hit with cancels focus on the future, not the past.  It’s not what you lose but what you gain that matters. 

As you can see from the email above this partner is at least on track to double last year’s annuity production and may very well hit his goal because a good growth plan is exponential.  Not bad for an agent that got their insurance license just a few years ago!

There is more to being in this business than just buying an annuity lead; you have to have a plan. If your marketing vehicle is in park, now is a good time to put it into drive.

Annuity Leads and Marketing - Client Drip System

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Retirement Income Funds: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

It never ceases to amaze me how securities firms spend so much time designing products to try and mimic the lifetime income benefits of fixed indexed annuities and lifetime income benefit riders.  So much wasted energy is spent designing investment strategies when the solution is right in front of their faces.  You have to wonder if these guys ever climb out of their box to find out what we already know.

Why do they do this?  Heard of the saying, “Don’t step over a dollar to pick up a dime”?  In this case, they are definitely not stepping over a dollar.  Fees are always the motivation when the securities industry tries to mimic a guaranteed product with a risk product.

Study your competition so you are prepared when these products, that pretend to provide lifetime income solutions, are pitched to our clients.  For more information read the article linked below:

Retirement Income Funds