This innovative fill-in-the-blank workbook seminar is interactive and engaging. Agents all across the country are selling millions in annuity premiums from this mentored turn-key senior workshop.

Here are some key features that make this workshop effective and unique:

Maximize Retirement Seminar

How much will this cost you? The most expensive annuity lead is the client you never met with!

  • Fill-in-the-blank workbook presentation (No PowerPoint)
  • Content is interactive and engaging
  • 50%+ second appointment ratio
  • Free promotional website
  • Free 15,000 online ads with landing page
  • Customized mailing demographics
  • Mentored by $10 million+ producer
  • Video and 1-on-1 training
  • No commission sharing
  • Average premium $450k per workshop
  • Average cost $2,300 per workshop
Most seminars are designed to help you book appointments.
The Maximize Retirement Seminar System is designed to be your first appointment.
Introduction by Shon Peil, Program Coach
What is the Maximize Retirement Seminar System?
Comparison to Social Security Seminars
Benefits of Annuity-Driven Seminars
Appointment Comparison to Other Systems
Workbook Format and Being Proud of What You Do!
Direct Approach is the Best Approach
Duplicating Success
Is Prior Seminar Experience Needed
Consistency is the Key
Invest in Yourself
Cost vs. Other Systems
Ideal Numbers
Bigger Crowds Do Not Equal Better Crowds